South Australia

2016 Sangria White

Nose or Aroma

Sweet pineapple mixed with coconut smell suffused tropical fruit flavour


Delicious coconut like with a little lemon flavor.


Imagine sitting near the water in the hot sun, robust tropical aromas of sweet pineapple and open coconuts. the delicate sweetness of the pineapple hits the tongue instantly; the luscious coconut with a hint of lemon harmonizes the flavor. the perfect balance of flavors coupled with premium wine and light carbonation offers the ultimate summer refreshment with a kick. enjoy ice cold straight from the bottle with your choice of citrus fruit in the top or in a glass over ice.

Brand Caudo
Vintage 2016
Region South Australia
Aol% 8.5%
Cork or Screw Cork
Wine Making Zac Caudo
Bottle Size 750ml
Colour & Appearance Straw yellow