9:05 AM on 09 September 2017

The 7th China (Guizhou) International Alcoholic Beverages Expo – Lannister Group Pty Ltd first time entered into GuiZhou market.

The 7th China (Guizhou) International Alcoholic Beverages Expo was held on 9th September. Lannister Group Pty Ltd is one of exhibitors of Australia Wine. This is first time for Lannister participate International Alcoholic Beverages Expo and got great result in this Expo.

On the first day of the Expo, there are many visitors who come from all around world visit Lannister display centre and tasted the wine. Many people are interested in Lannister wine and they bought a lot of Australia wine from Lannister. Many china media companies came to Lannister display centre and reported that Lannister achieved great result in this Expo. 

On the evening of 10th September, Lannister invited government staff, media companies and customers to taste the best Australia wine. Lannister also share many wine knowledge and Australia Wine export information to guests.

We also invited Wang Xuwei, who is Secretary General of China Import and Export Chamber of Commerce for Food and Beverage. He uses professional knowledge and various data to analyse Australia Wine in China market. At the same time, Lannister Group Pty Ltd formally signed the contract with JINQIU Trade Co Ltd. This is an important stage for Lannister enter into Guizhou market.