2:36 AM on 09 January 2018

Liu Xuezhi, Master of Catering Culture, praised Lannister Wine

09, 01,2018, Liu Xuezhi, a famous catering culture master, visited the Lannister Wine Group Melbourne Branch in Australia and presented poetry and couplets.



Liu Xuezhi is the executive director of the China Dietetic Culture Research Association, the first batch of masters of Chinese food and beverage culture,

and the former professor of Sichuan Cooking College. After more than 30 years of research in catering management and catering culture,

he has published 11 books relating to restaurant management and corporate culture, including four books, 《Sichuan Poems》, 《Classical Sichuan Miao Doo Solutions》,

which are permanently collected by the Sichuan Museum.

Master Liu Xuezhi and Lannister met each other in the food and wine mix. After he had tasted Lannister wine several years ago,

he was amazed at the wildness of Australian wines and Chinese cuisine, especially Sichuan cuisine. This trip to Australia was a special trip to Lannister.

After he had tasted a lot of wine again, the poetic temperament erupted and he did not know what was going on.

He wrote so much praise that the Lannister staff was very excited