5:14 AM on 05 July 2019

Lannister Wine Group was invited to participate in the new Australian Ambassador to China Luncheon

On July 3, the Australia China Business Council and the Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade hosted the Australian Ambassador to China to host a luncheon. Lannister was the only banquet wine to be unveiled at the event. Lannister Group Marketing Director James Wu gave a gift to the new Australian Ambassador to China Graham Fletcher and gave Graham Fletcher an appointment to represent Chinese and sent a good blessing.

Graham Fletcher dominates the China Australia Free Trade Agreement negotiations, and he has unique insights into the issues and opportunities currently facing South Australian companies that trade with China.

Since the bilateral trade and investment relationship reached its highest point in 2014, the development of Australia-China relations has encountered some obstacles. How will the new ambassador support Australian companies to overcome these challenges? What advice does he have for Australia to have a huge sustainable opportunity from the continued growth of bilateral relations? In the luncheon interview, Mr. Graham Fletcher answered and explained the above questions in depth.