2:31 AM on 12 December 2017

Lannister was reported by CCTV-2 Financial channel-Diyi Shijian

12,12,2017, Lannister and its winery, as a representative of premium Australia winery,

was reported by CCTV-2 heavyweight Financial channel-<Diyi Shijian>.

The in-depth coverage and analysis of the Australian wine market by domestic mainstream media not only

reflects the important position of Australian wine in the domestic market,

but also highlights the close attention of the official layer to the development of the Australian wine market.

"Diyi Shijian" is a morning news information section of China Central Television's financial channel, which was broadcast on October 20, 2003.

The current broadcast time is from 7:00 am to 9:00 am (Beijing time), and each period is 120 minutes long.

"First Time" is also the first news information section of CCTV's theme song.