5:53 AM on 30 November 2017

Lannister was invited to the Adelaide Chinatown Association Christmas Party

30,11,2017, as Christmas approached, the Adelaide Chinatown Association held an annual Christmas party.

Eric Lai, President of Adelaide Chinatown Association, Herman, Vice President of the Association, Martin Hess,

Mayor of Adelaide City, and other political and business elites attended the ceremony to send their blessings.

Lannister, as a well-known local wine company, was also invited to participate in this Christmas party,

sharing wine and sharing joy with members and friends of the association.

The guests including Mayor Hess praised Lannister’s wine

Toast and drink together, enjoyable music, singing and dancing

The Chinatown Adelaide of SA Inc is a non-profit organization established in 2003. Its main members are from all corners of the globe.

Adelaide Chinatown Association's main work is to actively promote business and unique cultural

activities centered on Adelaide Chinatown, and to unite overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese.

As a cornerstone of cohesion, Chinatown Association strives to create the future of our overseas Chinese.