2:59 AM on 30 June 2018

Lannister was invited to sponsor Adelaide's third trial dinner

30,06,2018, Co-sponsored by Share, IG Marketing Solutions and Sakamoto Magazine,

Australia's Lannister Wine Group, Baile Drunken Jiangnan, Mr. Cheese, Balabala Medical Beauty, Monkey King Immigration Study,

Terrywhite Chemmart Rundle Mall co-sponsored Adelaide's third trial dinner was successfully held in Baile drunk Jiangnan.

After the participants signed up to join the WeChat group, they took 8 free lucky testers based on the best ones who

grabbed the red packets. At the same time, 8 testers could carry one relative and friend respectively.

In addition to this conference, there is another super big lottery ticket, which is drawn by the lucky big turntable.

Monkey King special gift pack: Google waterproof audio, worth 200 Australian dollars

Professional sommeliers bring a group of test-teachers to learn more about the mix of wine and food.

Delicious food from Baile Zuijiangnan and Mr. Cheese