7:52 AM on 29 September 2017

Lannister sponsors the celebration of the the launch of new digital media "Penguin News Network" and its mobile APP.

29,09,2017, Celebration of the the launch of Australia United Media Group's new digital media "Penguin News Network" and its mobile APP was held successfully.

Penguin News Network (http://qienews.com) is a large-scale integrated portal and connected to mobile APP mobile terminals,

opening Australia-China-Global Unicom mode, which is the standard for new media in the digital age.

The celebration party invited more than 300 distinguished guests from the Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Melbourne,

Victoria's bipartisan politicians and government officials, representatives from various organizations,

outstanding representatives of Chinese-funded enterprises, and well-known local merchants and artists from Melbourne.

Lannister, as an outstanding Australian wine company, has also been invited to help celebrate the success of the reception.

After the conference, the Penguin News Network live broadcast talk show invited famous experts

and scholars to conduct on-site conversations on the topic of “Australia you don’t know”.