7:21 AM on 22 July 2019

Lannister Melbourne Branch held a special tasting of the Australia-China Economic and Trade Investment Expo

On July 16th, following the end of the Australia-China Economic and Trade Investment Expo, Lannister Wine Group held a special Tasting of Lannister wine at the Melbourne office.

The tasting began with the presentation of the Australian wine export market performance for 2018-2019 by Penny Peng, Director of Wine Sales at Lannister.

On the whole, due to the supply chain and many external factors, the overall export of the industry has maintained the growth of total exports in the case of a slight decline in total volume, and the market demand for low-priced wine (less than 2.5 Australian dollars per liter) is significantly reduced. In the middle and high-end wines (export price per liter is higher than 10 Australian dollars), the total export volume increased by 41% to a record high.

The Chinese market has reelected the largest market for Australian wine exports. Thanks to the long-term continuous marketing of Australian official associations and various wine merchants and the promotion of Chinese domestic media, Chinese consumers tend to mature and rationalize the consumption of Australian wines. The dependence on Australian fine wines has increased significantly.

Next, James Wu, Marketing Director of Lannister Wines, introduced the Lannister Group as a comprehensive wine supply chain company in the context of a market practitioner sharing experience and results in supply chain construction, marketing program delivery.

At the end of the tasting, Sam Rugari, the chief winemaker of Lannister Group, who traveled from South Australia to Melbourne to participate in this tasting, introduced the wines to all the guests present, explaining the wine flavor and brewing process, teaching knowledge of the relevant situation in the production area. Then he guided the guests to taste wine, and pushed the tasting atmosphere to a climax.

The wines tasted in this tasting were:


2017 Lannisiter Clare Valley Riesling

Filled with lime and lemon aroma, the mouth is sour and clean, and the aftertaste is light and elegant.


2018 Lannister Murraylands Merlot

There are ripe cherries, plums and fruit cakes with aromas of spicy and dark chocolate. The entrance has a rounded mouthfeel and a long finish.


2018 Caudo Murraylands Shiraz Cabernet

Rich blackcurrant, fruity, full-bodied, with a hint of cherry aroma, mixed with delicate tannins


2015 Lannister Limestone Coast Shriaz

With a sweet fruit and cigar box, the palate is rich, and the plum and chocolate mix oak has a sweet flavor that dominates and has not dispersed in the mouth for a long time.


2016 Sir Lunch A Lot GSM

Fresh and delicious plums, cherries and a variety of fresh fruit aromas, strong wine skeleton, mixed with fresh earth fragrance


2016 Sir Lunch A Lot Shiraz

The wine is deep and rich with blackberry, plum and light lilac, and the black fruit flavor and subtle soft tannins in the mouth are perfectly balanced in the mouth.


2015 Lannister Coonawarra Old Vine Cabernet Sauvignon

Like a harmonious symphony composed of black berries, mint and chocolate ensembles, the salty tannins create a majestic style for the wine, with a long aftertaste with rich licorice flavor.