1:59 AM on 16 March 2018

Lannister Beijing Spring Banquet ended successfully

16,03,2018,Lannister Luncheon was held at the Sanlitun Steak House in Beijing.

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Chinese Wine (Professor of China Agricultural University), CCTV News Channel, Wine Industry, and China Wine Information Network, 18 well-known media reporters were present to report.

James Wu, founder of Lannister Wine Group,

Mr. Zac Caudo, owner and winemaker of Caudo Vineyard, was present at the scene.

The dinner party members shared the 6 Lannister top wines together.

The atmosphere was warm and the guests were full of praise for the combination of food and wine,

and experienced the Australian lifestyle interpreted by Lannister wines: love, life, people and nature, vitality, innovation and craftsmanship.