7:23 AM on 08 December 2017

Lanister teamed up with JiDa Education to hold a Christmas party

08,12,2017,Lannister has organized the 42nd Christmas Dance Party for the EMBA President in collaboration with JiDa Education.

Prior to the start of the ball, Ms. Wang Xingkun, President of Australia Lannister Wine Group made a speech,

thanked everyone for attending and sent Christmas greetings in advance for everyone.

Many VIP guests from the party took part in the evening: Jida Century Yingcai Business School,

Changchun Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Jilin Provincial Agriculture Commission,

Jilin Province Federation of Industry and Commerce, Jilin Overseas Returned Overseas Returnees Association,

Jilin Province Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Jilin Province Enterprise Club, and Global Business Federation

And Changchun Chaoyang District CPPCC.

The Lanniste specially invited the famous dance team and band to add joy to the atmosphere of the event,

in order to let the guests spend an unforgettable Christmas dance.

The guests all wore grand dresses and enjoyed dancing.

Only food and wine can not be deceived

Ms. Wang Xingkun, president of Lannister China, gave guests Lannest’s high-end wine on the spot

and the atmosphere of the venue was boiling high.