4:46 AM on 28 May 2019

Australian Lannister Wine Group held a product symposium at Qilu Transportation Group

As a group company's international trade,foreign economic cooperation and overseas investment and financing platform,Qilu International,aims to leverage on international business advantages, integrate and optimize the Group's resources, and focus on the main business of the group, using equity as a link to jointly develop overseas markets with other tenure units, and broaden the scope. Financing channels, build a domestic and foreign integrated investment and financing platform, promote the Group's external exchanges and cooperation, steadily promote the Group's international development strategy, build a new profit growth point for the Group, and promote the sustainable development of the Group's business.



On April 16th, Lannister Group held a product symposium in Shandong Qilu Transportation Group to introduce the development of the current Australian wine industry, market space, and the market status of the Lannister Group, corporate development and planning, and another group. The grape taster also explained the grape variety of knowledge, wine tasting, and misunderstandings.

At the symposium, there were 7 kinds of wines from the Lannister Group. From the basic entry wine to the limited edition of the collection, the guests from the following groups and companies: Qilu Transportation Development Group, Jinan Lixia Holding Group Co., Ltd., Qilu Transportation Development Group, Shandong Luchang told Highway Service Area Management Co., Ltd., Qilu Wenlv Group Co., Ltd., Qilu Expressway Co., Ltd., Qilu Transportation Investment Co., Ltd., Qilu Transportation Jinan High-speed Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Shandong University Management Alumni Association Office, Shandong University EMBA class, Shandong Yuanshoudi Business Co., Ltd., Yantai Siyuan Electronics, Shandong Lingying Business Management Co., Ltd., Shandong Meilu Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Zibo Wuzhou Wangyuan Trading Co., Ltd., etc. (sorted in order). The symposium was overwhelming, and the guests and the lecturers and tasters shared the knowledge of wine.