5:37 AM on 12 November 2019

Lannister Group Participated In The Second China International Import Expo

Lannister Group participates in the 2nd China International Import Expo on 5th to 10th of November at the national convention and exhibition center (Shanghai). As a representative of the South Australia wine group, this is the second time Lannister Group has actively participated in the event. In the First China International Import Expo, group shows in China and the world that Lannister products of high quality of South Australia wine, cooperate with partners inside and outside the industry process, and the wine culture promotion aspect concerned for a long time, but also expressed the Lannister Group play a positive role in the south Australian wine producers. The Lannister Group continued to perform well at the second expo.

(Source: official website of China international import expo https://www.ciie.org)

On November 7, Hon David Ridgway MLC, Minister of Tourism, Trade and Investment of South Australia, visited the booth and promoted Lannister wine. He also took a photo with Mr. Zac Caudo, President of Lannister Group and owner of Caudo winery. Sir David has repeatedly promoted the Lannister brand. Witnessed by Mr. Hon David Ridgway MLC, Minister of Tourism, Trade and Investment Department of South Australia, and Dong Xiao, President of Australian Federation of Commerce and Industry in Asia and Australia, the purchase and sales intention contract was signed with Xuzhou Xinxin group.

Group representatives also attended The Supply-Demand Matchmaking Conference of the Second China International Import Expo supported exclusively by Bank of China, and reached cooperation intention and signed cooperation memorandum with many enterprises.

On November 8, under the witness of Lifeng Zhang, secretary of the party working committee of Zhenjiang high-tech zone and Jingdong Xiao, executive deputy director of the management committee of Zhenjiang high-tech zone, and jun Cao, deputy secretary of the party working committee of Jiangsu Fengxianjiyu Food Supply Chain Co., Ltd. signed a contract of purchase and sales intention of $US 15.7 million.

Australian Lannister Group was established in 2012, the headquarters is located in the south Australian capital of Adelaide in Australia, focusing on high-quality grape cultivation, processing and brewing wine, wine industry chain one-stop service, wine culture promotion, at the same time, also set foot in wine tourism culture promotion and service content such as media platform. It's an Australian company. With mature wine manufacturing technology, complete wine supply chain and excellent marketing team. Export target markets are mainly mainland China and Southeast Asia.